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iPhone DEV introduction 20/02/2009

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It’s not mine, but here’s a well-written article on how to get started in iPhone development.



They had Style, they had grace… 23/10/2008

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If any iPhone/iTouch owners are about tonight in Spy, tomorrow night in the Button Factory, the Digital Hub on saturday or down at the Synth Eastwood night in Twisted Pepper (née Traffic), if you say hello, I’ll send you a copy of Stylophone for freebies! It’s not officially launched on the iTunes store yet, but if you’re friendly over the weekend, I’ll wing you on a copy!
*Terms & Conditions apply…

* The terms & conditions being, I’ll need your iPhone ID to let me build a copy of the app that you can just drop into iTunes to install on your device , so I’ll be sending you an email with instructions. But it’s really pretty simple anyway…

Stylophone has landed! 22/10/2008

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Well, at last, development has finally ended! Development on what, you say?

…Stylophone, for the iPhone!

It’s my first bit of coding on the Mac, having only bought a Macbook in Miami last July. The interface was designed from using Pixelmator (lovely application), and coded in Xcode using the OpenAL framework, but enough about the technical details…

I’ve included an additional feature not available on the original Stylophone, Sustain, which is fantastic for actually playing it as a proper instrument, rather than it being a mere novelty gimmick 🙂

Regarding its availability, it’ll be going live as soon as it gets approved by the App Store, hopefully shouldn’t be more than a week or two, so watch this space!

RjDj just released for iPhone 10/10/2008

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I’ve been waiting on this release for a while, excellent and totally novel idea for an iPhone application.

The idea behind RjDj is kind of like Brian Eno’s application Bloom, except that it doesn’t require you to touch the screen. Instead, it samples ambient sound from the microphone, runs it through Pd-based processes, and sends it back out through your headphones. Sounds basic enough, but it’s far more random and interesting, kind of like an early Warp/Aphex Twin recording, only it constantly changes and morphs, depending on what noisy things are happening around you.

Currently sitting at my desk in work, typing away and listening to the various patches. It’s like sitting inside a piano while brushing against the strings, or inside a busy train station, listening to various sound sussurating around, echoing and repeating over and over. Definitely one of the most interesting app concepts I’ve seen in a long, long time…

Fring for iPhone! 04/10/2008

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Fring brings VoIP to iPhone

Legitamate VOIP Calls from Your iPhone

This is great stuff! I’ve used Fring on my old N95, it was very handy for having quick mobile online IM chats and stuff, hadn’t really used it for VOIP, but will definitely be giving it a bash from home now that it’s available for the iPhone.

Apple have FINALLY seen sense… 01/10/2008

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…and have gotten rid of the NDA on their iPhone SDK.

iPhone NDA!!!!! Yay! Slightly more info here

Also, from the makers of Twitterific, something I’ll have to wait till I get home to try out

a couple of links on iPhone development 19/09/2008

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Why We Still Need the iPhone App Black Market

from Gizmodo

Things That Podcaster’s Rejection From the App Store Is Not About

from Daring Fireball
The iPhone Development Story
from mikeash.com

Also, in all matters iPhone-related… 18/09/2008

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When I got home last night, I (finally) managed to carry out a successful app deployment to my iPhone. Which is probably of minimal interest to both of you, dear readers, but it does mean that I’ll potentially have a couple of apps ready for release on an ad-hoc basis within the next couple of weeks (fingers crossed…)

I’m a little zombie… 09/09/2008

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This is not actually me. Its more representative of how I feel at the moment.

This is not actually me, more it's representative of how I'm feeling at the moment.

…grey and tired. Have been spending the last few days attempting to figure out the iPhone OS SDK, pulling late nights at home, for probably no good reason at all, whatsoever. The basic application setup I’ve got kind of nailed so far, but comprehension of the multi-touch user interactions is proving somewhat elusive.

Not to mention how to implement the AudioQueue, and how to deploy to a device without having to carry out a sync from iTunes including the interminably long backup procedure… It’d be nice if Apple would remove the NDA on their SDK tools, so people could talk and share notes on how to do stuff in it.

Anyway, tired and strung out right now (with an inexplicable hunger for brains).

ok, sorry about all the iPhone posts… 13/08/2008

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…but here’s some more!



One cool trick I found was by double clicking the home button while the phone is off or displaying the “slide to unlock” message brings up the rewind, play, fast-forward, and volume controls for the ipod application. You can then press play and rock out or pause the song already playing.

and also (for Irish users only…)

Eirtext has officially been released in the iTunes App Store. It’s only valid to Irish users who are on the Meteor or 02 Network.

From Damien Mulley’s blog, for similar useful links and more besides

iTM iPhone controllers now in the iTunes store! 12/08/2008

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Ok, so, I’ll admit this is probably of minimal interest to most people online, but the iTM applications for the iPhone are now online in the iTunes store, which means I can turn my iPhone into a midi controller, which is nice! MacOSX 10.5 only though, which is not necessarily a problem for me…

iTM Keys, iTM XY Pad, iTM Matrix and iTM MidiLab are the current various incarnations of the applications available:

iTM MidiLab
this is the original app, currently featuring all the user interfaces (chosen at startup)
MidiLab is intended to become our showroom / beta platform
a free app (forever) where new users can test an existing an established ui from one of our available commercial apps and also some new one we may be implementing / testing at that time for new products
we feel it is a new approach regarding iphone apps

iTM Matrix
this is a button matrix implementation,
especially suited for ableton live clip triggering featuring midi feedback (showing wich clips are playing)
it can also be used for triggering samples or any other midi ontrol
currently there is 4*4 or 8*8 config, sending note on off
soon to be implemented,:
user configurable labels, colors, matrix size, midi config(channel, notes) and different pages

iTM Keys
a standard midi keyboad,
ranging: c-2 -> c8 with pitch bend,
soon to be implemented :
swipe play, modulation and cc bend, midi config(channel, program change)

a trackpad sending ccs on the x and y axis for effects control
featuring spring switches (spring to center, spring to zero)
soon to be implemented,:

more details here