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Some Days Never End… 19/09/2008

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Human League! ABC! Heaven 17!

Playing in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham grounds on October 26th, Bank Holiday Sunday. Got my tickets already. The Human League played a great show in Vicar St a couple of years ago, so can’t wait to see them again, plus the latter-day incarnation as offshoot of Heaven 17 is a bonus too. AND New Wave pop-schlock meisters ABC as well? Please, everyone, no loud noises, if this turns out to be a dream, well I for one don’t want to wake up…


Electric Picnic 2008 05/09/2008

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And so, once again, ventured down to Stradbally, Co. Laois last weekend for the as-always excellent Electric Picnic. Much more sensibly than last year, having Dermot in tow this time, we decided to leave Dublin at 10:30am, the car all loaded up with the relevant supplies and provisions (tents, sleeping bags, booze, etc). 

Our tent, before the rest of them all moved in

Campsite: The tent, with all the space around it before the riffraff moved in

Made it to the carpark by midday, a far more respectable time than previously, and had the tent pitched by 1pm. Though the walk from the carpark with all the bags and belongings was pretty torturous, what with the wheels on the trolley collecting far more mud and straw than was strictly necessary.

Cracked open a beer while waiting by the tent in the yellow campsite for a while for the sister and her mates to turn up, which they did eventually. Damn the lazy campers though, the myhabs and teepees and the rest in the purportedly posh Tangerine Fields campsite next door taking up a humongous amount of space. Hell, next year it’s the quiet site for me, if not a camper van.

I was a big fan of them as a child...

The Stunning: I was a big fan of them as a child...

Enough with the moaning, we headed into the main area around 6pm to catch The Stunning in the Crawdaddy tent. While I may lose street-cred for this, I really enjoyed them, having been a long time fan of their work since I was a small(ish) child. Whooped it up a storm for Half Past Two and December Sky. Though I did leave straight away as soon as Joe took over the vocal duties from Steve, never liked his songs/singing much.


Goldfrapp playing on the main stage

Goldfrapp: Playing the main stage

Wandered round up towards the main stage in time to get a great spot to see Goldfrapp. Great show, mostly the down-tempo pastoral psychedelia from Seventh Tree, with the odd track from Supernature and Felt Mountain too, which was a nice gentle lead-in to the thunderous Strict Machine and Train. Smashing performance from the waif-like Alison, stamping around the stage like a crazed Pierrot on angry pills.


The giant lanterns had people swinging around inside them

O2 Area: The giant lanterns had people swinging around inside them

Back up to the bar for more beers, the Paulaner was going down a treat. Stopped off at the O2 space, there was a show on which can only be described rather lamely as “people hiding inside giant paper lanterns while swinging around the place on tall bouncy sticks”


Sigur Ros taking on the main stage after the sun went down

Sigur Ros: Taking on the main stage after the sun went down

Sigur Ros were up next. Sounded great, huge, almost orchestral build-ups with the plaintive vocal wailings meandering over the top. Hell, don’t need to explain it to anyone, if you know them, you know what they sound like (and what they should sound like). They did sound like that too. Loud ambient drone music with rock subtleties? Not sure if it makes sense, but it did on the friday night after quite a few beers.


Sigur Ros, from the engineer's box

Sigur Ros: From the engineer box way further back

Met up with Eddie and Tony towards the end of the set, who were a little miffed at the fact that the bars had shut at 10pm while they were having dinner in Portlaoise. Boys, you need to get your priorities sorted! So, we decided to head up to the tent for more beverages and refreshments. 

Went for a wander down to the Bodytonic area, where we caught the Fish Go Deep lads playing a set of classic house choons. Given the fact that this was going to go on for a fair bit longer into the night, was pretty glad we hadn’t picked the Green campsite to stay, even if it was the nearest one to us on the way in from the long march to the carpark. Tried to get some cash from the sole ATMs on the site, but failed abjectly, owing to there being no cash in the machines at all at all, so went off to bed with ourselves.

Well fed and still cranky!

Breakfast: Well fed and still cranky!

Up early in the morning, went for the showers. Queues were mad at 9am for the private showers, so we bit the bullet and went for the communal ones, which were grand, not a bother (no photos though…) Went exploring round the area, and had ourselves a lovely veggie breakfast wrap and coffee just outside the Body & Soul area. Bumped into Fergal, a mate from school, and had a chat, his mate slagged off Dermot for being a bit kranky regards the state of the toilets/campsite/anything else that was bugging him. 


Wandering round the picnic

Main Arena: Wandering round the picnic

Wandered further and wider, around Body & Soul, taking the sights and sounds. Eventually headed back in to camp to drop off the towels, change the t-shirts, and pick up some beers. Eddie and Tony came back in and we had several drinks, with the very chatty Michael and Darragh. Had vodka too, mmmm, Absolut Vanilla, much nicer than it sounds.


From waaaay back, I think she was wearing a golden witches hat and matching leotard. Glamtastic!

Grace Jones: From waaaay back, I think she was wearing a golden witches hat and matching leotard. Glamtastic!

Back into the main area, ended up running around looking for various mates of the lads, before heading into Grace Jones. Stuck to the back of the tent, unfortunately, so her show was a brief glowing spot in the distance. You could still make out her weird contortionist dancing from a mile off though. Great show, particularly pleased by the fact that she sang La Vie En Rose

Underworld were up next, another great show from the two chaps. Left just before the end, thankfully as they finished up with Born Slippy, their best known but most over-played chav-anthem track. I don’t think they even went into Nuxx!!??! (I’m a closet Underworld fanatic, for them not to do Nuxx after Born Slippy is an absolute crying shame). Can anyone tell me if they played Rez, though? I can’t remember, everything/everything was a slight blur at this stage…

A rather blurry nighttime shot of the lads and Erin

A rather blurry nighttime shot of the lads and Erin

We did bump into Erin O’Connor at one stage during the night, post Underworld, and took a blurry photo of her with the lads. And it didn’t get any less blurry, on account of having more drinks/pratfalls into our tents later on…


Dermot tries out the latest in festival sartorial statements.

Dermot tries out the latest in festival sartorial statements.

Sunday morning came accompanied by a hangover. Another shower, another breakfast wrap, another wander round the Body & Soul area. Dropped off Dermot’s stuff at the car, but unfortunately missed Candi Staton in the process.


Best show of the weekend, hands down!

Hercules & Love Affair: Best show of the weekend, hands down!

Went back into the main area again, just in time to catch an amazing set by Hercules & Love Affair. Honestly, thought it was the best set of the weekend, though feel free to correct me on that one. Danced the whole way through, right up almost at the front.

Met up with the sister and her whole entourage outside the Bacardi tent in the wholly unexpected glorious sunshine, and just about managed to resist the temptation of a Mohito or two. I’d made the decision to drive home that evening. When the lads came in, had a single pint, had to really make it last.

Had dinner in Pieminister while listening to Spearhead and Michael Franti way off in the distance (pretty good actually). Chicken and bacon, mmm, scrumdiddlyumptious. And joy of joys! It’s coming to Dublin! (Finally!)

Thankfully, the baby never popped nor pooped while we were in the tent

This Is Pop Baby: Thankfully, the baby never popped nor pooped while we were in the tent

Went into the This Is Pop Baby for the live TV show with Panti, great craic. Back out into the sun for a while, though was starting to feel a bit chilly as the wind picked up. So back into This Is Pop Baby again for the drag show. There’s something about seeing all the girls performing up on a proper stage, with a gigantic inflatable baby hanging from the ceiling that added a certain extra frisson of, oh, I don’t know, je ne sais quoi maybe? The girls never looked so good, even the one who recognised Dermot in the audience and gave him the finger.


So, by now it was late Sunday evening, 9pm. Would have loved to have caught The Gossip, who by all accounts were absolutely excellent, but there was a tent to pack up, and I was by now freezing my tits off. Back we went, and managed the 30 min walk/stumble back to the car. Stocked up on several Diet Cokes to keep myself awake and in the fast lane, made it home in an hour, in bed by 12, wrecked to bits.

Woke up the next morning very glad indeed of the fact that I’d wisely had the foresight to take the Monday off. Tired but still exuberated

Jamie Lidell in the Academy 05/05/2008

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Ok, I’ve been to the best gig ever. In my life. Which either means one of three things:

1. I don’t get out often enough (it’s true, I don’t).

2. I’m a master of over-exaggeration and hyperbolae (I so am, it’s unbelievably incredible how indescribably true this is)

3. It was a great gig (this, too, is also true)

First off, it was on in the Academy, the re-branded Spirit from clubbing days of yore. Having been on several occasions in the past, including putting on a short run of club nights in the basement, I was a little dubious about it. On this, I was wrong, it’s a pretty decent mid-sized venue, though the sound was a little ropey at the bar, as is usually the case in most places anyway.

Arrived into the middle of the opening act, which was very good, smooth and low-key indie-vibed singer with a band and gyrating accordionist. She pleased at least a small section of the crowd an acapella rendition of “O ró sé do bheath abahile”, and old Irish tune learned by pretty much every Irish child the world over. Didn’t recognise her at first until she sang the last couple of songs, but finally I realised it was Mara Carlyle, who released her album “The Lovely” a couple of years ago. I can confirm that it is indeed lovely, go forth and buy it now.

So, that having surprised and impressed me no end, we only had a short time to wait until Jamie Lidell and band took to the stage. I, of course, had nipped out for a quick ciggie, so I missed the opening track “Another Day“, but even from outside on Middle Abbey Street it got my head nodding and feet all a-tapping. Heading back inside quick-smart, it was amazing how much energy he was putting into the show, and by fuck can the man sing!

Someone drew a comparison with Jamiroquai, but Mr Lidell holds no truck with stupid hats, repetively bland tunes and ridiculously affected pseudo-funky mincing/dancing around.

An immense amount of gusto, verve and pizzazz went into the performance, from the slow ballad “All I Wanna Do” (which Anna thought reminded her ofthe old soul number “A Do-Right Man”, and not to be confused with the Sheryl Crow tune of the same name), to the tight and punchy-as-fuck P-Funk riffs of “Figured Me Out“. But the place lifted off its feet for “Out Of My System“, when the band gradually slipped from the stage, leaving Lidell to do what he does so well, looping and sampling, and beatboxing and singing over the top, turning the jam into full-on club house madness, only to be rejoined by the band after 15 minutes to drop the funk back into the room with a bang which triggered off large shakings-of-booty.

Little touches like the way he sang “thank you very much” into his Antares Autotune (or equivalent device) after the synthy wonderness of “Little Bit Of Feel Good” got a laugh from the audience, and pleased the non-dancing nerdy beardy types. I of course received a double whammy of joy-joy-goodness, being heavily engaged in dancing at the time, and also being of the nerdy beardy persuasion too.

The night finished off with Jamie and Mara performing an excellent duet encore of “Wait For Me” onstage. Excellent gig, 5 star rating.

BUY HIS ALBUM too. It’s really, really great. And if he comes to town, GO TO HIS GIG. You will not be disappointed.

Some rather cool stuff what I want… 13/03/2008

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I’m not at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, but things like this make me wish that I was…

Korg DS-10

Turn your Nintendo DS into a vintage MS-10
Forget Nanoloop, this looks like the best toy ever to keep me occupied on long-haul trips. Screw the in-flight movie, forget about dragging the laptop from the overhead bin, a pocket-sized MS-10? Me want this so much…
from musicthing, and loads of other blogs…

Celemony Announces Direct Note Access for Melodyne

Edit Individual Notes Inside Chords – OMG!!!!
This could possibly be the best thing ever for tone-deaf guitarists, barbershop quartets that just don’t get on with each other, or singers who warble from major to minor… and back to major again. The possibilities would appear to be unendingly, um, endless. The mind boggles. This, also, I want…
from futuremusic

In other news, heading to Copenhagen on Saturday, Helsinki on Tuesday and taking the overnight ferry to Stockholm on Good Friday. Getting out of Ireland for the only other day in the year that all the pubs close down, apart from Christmas. Way to go, Bórd Fáilte*!

(* Note for Americans and other non-Irish speakers**, Bórd Fáilte is the Irish Tourist Board)
(** i.e. the rest of the world, and a large part of the Irish population as well)

Ableton Live 7 announced 05/10/2007

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OMG! Ableton, makers and purveyors of the fine software known throughout the electronic music world as Live, have just announced the release of their latest, um, release, version 7.

These things above excite me in ways I didn’t think was possible. PLUS! A spectrum analyser, midi-timing fixed, simplified hardware integration, multiple automation per track, NUDGE!!!, REX support, what appears to be spline curve adjusters in Operator, builtin sidechaining (yessss!), Hi-Q modes for various plugins, now I need to lie down…

Asciinoid album available as MP3 download on Amazon.com 26/09/2007

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Amazon.com have just launched their online MP3 store, and ‘Spectrum’ is available to download!

Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) today launched a public beta of “Amazon MP3,” a new digital music download store with Earth’s biggest selection of a la carte DRM-free MP3 music downloads. Amazon MP3 has over 2 million songs from more than 180,000 artists represented by over 20,000 major and independent labels. Amazon MP3 complements Amazon.com’s existing selection of over 1 million CDs to now offer customers more selection of physical and digital music than any other retailer.

“Amazon MP3 is an all-MP3, DRM-free catalog of a la carte music from major labels and independent labels, playable on any device, in high-quality audio, at low prices,” said Bill Carr, Amazon.com Vice President for Digital Music. “This new digital music service has already been through an extensive private beta, and today we’re excited to offer it to our customers as a fully functional public beta. We look forward to receiving feedback from our customers and using their input to refine the service.”

Every song and album on Amazon MP3 is available exclusively in the MP3 format without digital rights management (DRM) software. This means that Amazon MP3 customers are free to enjoy their music downloads using any hardware device, including PCs, Macs™, iPods™, Zunes™, Zens™, iPhones™, RAZRs™, and BlackBerrys™; organize their music using any music management application such as iTunes™ or Windows Media Player™; and burn songs to CDs.

Click here to pick it up for a measly $8.99!

Amnesty International gig – the aftermath 18/09/2007

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Eoin Cotter (of The Bastard Rain and the organiser of the night in the Boomboomroom) was kind enough to snap me in action. Really, I’m actually enjoying myself, although you wouldn’t think it from the expression on my face. Pensive, frowning and beardy, the natural expression of most electronic musicians…

Woo though to the visibility of the seedyburnR logo, and also the general pinkness of the photo too! Although it’s probably really magenta, or cerise, or something…

Amnesty International gig in the Boomboomroom, Conways, 15/10/2007 11/09/2007

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I’m playing a set this Saturday in Dublin’s Boomboomroom (upstairs in Conways on Parnell St) in aid of Amnesty International. Haven’t decided for definite what to play, it’s either going to be a downbeat Asciinoid live set or a downbeat DJ set, but I’m leaning towards the live set (more fun to play/interesting to watch/suited to the indie kids etc).

Here’s the lineup/running order:
21.20 Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock
22.00 Bastard Rain
22.50 Asciinoid
23.40 Corrugated Tunnel

A little bit about the other acts:

Edwin James was first introduced to proper house music when he entered FishGoDeep’s legendary night ‘SWEAT’ at Sir Henry’s night club in his home town Cork, Ireland. Music and computers went hand in hand and the purchase of a laptop and Ableton Live brought his productions out of the bedroom and into Irish clubland. Working his way up through the various clubs and events, he secured support slots with Abe Duque, The Hacker, James Holden, Legowelt and along with Chymera @ the Electric Picnic Festival 2006..
His first proper independent release “High Rise” on his own SeedyR stamp earned him generous 4/5 in DJ Magazine and put his name firmly on the up and coming Irish producers list.
2006 saw him released his acclaimed debut album ‘We are Electronix’ on [Invisible Agent Records/seedyR], which was described as “Coming at you like Kraftwerk jamming with Eno and Daft Punk ” by i-DJ magazine. He is currently working on a number of projects with Mark O’Sullivan (DK7) and producing tracks for Chelonis R. Jones (Get Physical Records) along with his second album. He also has releases signed and coming out on UrbanTorque, HartHouse, Orlando Voorn’s label Night Vision. Plus his debut 12″ on Invisible Agent this summer will see him remixed by Dave Terrida (TRESOR Berlin) artist.

The Spook is Allen from Holy Ghost Fathers/Ballroom of Romance. Named after a poem about a haunted canal lock, the Spook plucks banjos and twangs guitars. He yelps, drones and hums songs about dead revolutionaries, partisans and haunted cobblestone streets.

The Bastard Rain combines elements of lofi electronica, odd folk, and garage rock to produce meandering musical tales of lost souls wandering prairies, old women screaming at the sea, and drunken fights in small country towns.

Amnesty International at work:
In Ireland and across the world, Amnesty International exposes the truth, speaks out and creates change.

Amnesty International’s vision is of a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.

In pursuit of this vision, Amnesty International’s mission is to undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from discrimination, within the context of its work to promote all human rights.

Doors are 9pm, €8 in

Electric Picnic ’07 04/09/2007

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A brief review of my weekend hereby follows:


Paul Hartnoll Band

Could hear them from the campsite while putting the tent up 😦 really wanted to see them, the new album is mostly great

Manic Street Preachers
FUCK NO!!!! I ran a mile, can’t stand them, they’re muck

Hot Chip

The first band I got to see, great stuff, hadn’t caught them before, and Over and Over had the crowd bouncing like Duracell bunnies, including one gentleman in his forties who was REALLY enjoying the music


Arty, which was to be expected, but she kind of lost the crowd till the last couple of numbers, which she blasted out with. Hunter, Army Of Me and Hyperballad were excellent though.

LCD Soundsystem

Blew the place away, fantastic, they got Daft Punk and Losing My Edge out of the way good and early, and killed everyone with the new album to the end of the set. Finished with Yeah Yeah Yeah, then came back and noodled about with a power-rock italo-disco new wave jam, although I was getting blurry at that stage, dancing my little tits off


Channel One

Again, heard them from a distance waaay off in the campsite in the morning, couldn’t get down there for them, but it sounded like they were going down really well with the crowd, and recognised a load of the numbers they played out too

Marlena Shaw & Orchestra
didn’t hang round long enough to hear her play California Soul, there’s only so much free jazz a body can take

Aidan Kelly
Wandered in for a brief while to catch him chatting about his photography, some good work

Craig Armstrong
Dull, dull, dull, a shame, was really expecting a huge big orchestra on stage with him, come on, he scored “The Two Towers”, FFS!!!

Bonde Do Role
Loud and messy, caught a few songs at the end of their set, fun for all the family, unless you could understand the lyrics, in which case they’re x-rated

These guys were having a lot of fun, mixing the hell out of tracks every 30 seconds or so, good craic

Angus & Julia Stone
I think… I caught some of these guys, from what I can remember they were pretty good… I think

Easy Allstars Radiodread
Pretty good, although not mad gone on reggae, but fun to try and pick out what each song was

Jarvis Cocker
Meh, wasn’t hugely impressed, so fecked off to the Crawdaddy tent instead for an incredible beatboxing performance by Rahzel

Magic Numbers
Much better than old Jarvis Cocker, and the lads really liked their stuff too, not having heard them before

Polyphonic Spree
Missed them as well, on account of Erasure (see below) – sorry I missed their show, but wild horses couldn’t have dragged me from the Electric Arena and the joys of Andy Bell and Vince Clarke


Wow. Un. Be. Lievable. the most energetic performance of the entire fest – that I witnessed anyway – Andy Bell put so much of himself into the show, a voice that lifted the tent off the ground several times. Loved the Day Glo Girls on stage with them too, and Vince Clarke’s sound was classic, pure electro-pop that hasn’t aged a day. Ok, enough simpering and fawning, but still the most enjoyable gig of the weekend

The Jesus and Mary Chain
Oasis-clonetastic, definitely not up to scratch

Chemical Bros
Missed them, was in bed, such a lightweight


Apparat Band
Heard them from outside, sounded for the most part very like M83/Sigur Ros, but still pretty cool in their own right. Didn’t go in, on account of being comfortable on the grass outside, and the fact that the bouncers were frantically re-arranging the barriers outside for some unbeknownst reason to themselves – there weren’t massive crowds thronging outside at all

Rahzel & MC Supernatural
Some genius beatboxing at this by the man Rahzel, it was his LOTR/Gollum bit that dragged us in, pretty bloody good stuff

Sonic Youth
Heard them while munching on a burger and chips, wasn’t a huge fan, and nothing’s really changed there, so many bands have copied their sounds over the years, there’s nothing really original and fresh to them any more

Soul II Soul
Fabulous, musically somewhat similar in a way to Craig Armstrong, but with real strings! More singers, including Karen Wheeler from the original lineup, just great stage presence, and they played the oldies as well as a lot of new goodies too

DJ Yoda
Again with the mixup mashups every 30 sec or so, even the security were dancing and slapping each other’s asses, total party stuff

Bodytonic Sound System
Danced to jazzy house stylings with a torch stuck into a few glass empties, laser glowstick lightsabre fun. Yes, I was pretty merry at that stage

Fujiya & Miyagi

Great, one of the bands I’d been definitely aching to see, didn’t disappoint, downtempo but funky as robots, they’d a full tent too, really enjoyed their set

Sitting in the campsite playing Layla, More Than Words and Never Been To Me on a borrowed guitar at 4 in the morning.
Dancing with an inflatable butterfly girl around a big inflatable flower thing in Body & Soul to some New Orleans ragtime jazz, attempting the Charleston and soulclapping.

Chilling out on several occasions in Body & Soul, particularly when we managed to get the beanbags, wonderfully comfortable after the madness of the previous night.
Le Bien in Body & Soul at night were great, got me dancing
(yet again)!
Running to get out of the rain into the Blue Room tent, which had been previously empty, to have it fill up while dancing to old school On A Ragga Tip and other such numbers.
Pies! Mmmmm, tasty pies.
Paulaner beer, mmm lovelyness!

Mojitos in the Bacardi tent, minty and refreshing and terribly intoxicating.
Being able to find the car with ease, even though we’d parked almost as far as humanly possible from the Yellow campsite.
Them Organic Burger Bar burgers and chips up in the back corner of the main stage area.
Getting that ticket to a mate on the friday night at 1 in the morning, and hearing that he barely surfaced the whole weekend, spending almost the entire time in some random girl’s camper van.
The moments when the sun came out more than made up for the showers every now and then.

* Apologies for the awful picture quality. And the above awful picture too.

Verdict: A great weekend all in all, definitely on the cards for next year.

Last Saturday @ Big Dish Go 30/07/2007

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Big Dish Go @ The Underground, Kennedys
Last saturday was a blast. Played from 1 till 2 in the am, all totally new tracks/remixes, bar ‘C.R.T’ which’ll be coming out on seedyburnR later this year. Fantastic crowd, really up for it, particularly having been whipped into a frenzy by the Jackal and Signor Pepe Hernandez just beforehand, and then beaten into submission by H3lx afterwards. And much thanks to the Big Dish Go lads themselves, not least for the spot-on-the-mark poster in eyeball-searing reds and blues, and the incredibly effective lighting for the night, which gave everyone the same weird faux 3D blurred look as the seedyburnR logo and artwork, wooo!
Particular mention go to the lads at the front of the dancefloor who, everytime the Wii controllers came into view, responded by shouting out “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” at the top of their voices. Which in turn, probably caused those with nervous dispositions in the crowd to make a little wee of their own. But sure, no harm done, nothing a little dry cleaning won’t mend.

Really looking forward to the Cork gig on August 24th now, yeah! Rock the gaff!

Asciinoid Mixtape 02 [July 07] disco edits + stuff 25/07/2007

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Another mix I recorded down over the weekend, about an hour long, or thereabouts. Incorporating some of the finest output of lots of Lindstrom, Prins Thomas, Willy Baxter, and various other scandinavian disco maestros!

Again, all feedback much appreciated… msg me on myspace.com/asciinoid, or something 🙂

Fujiya & Miyagi – In One Ear & Out The Other
Rune Lindbaek – Dum Dum Delay
Professor Genius – Mystery Driver
Cerrone – Supernature
Metro Area – Miura
Studio – Life’s A Beach (Prins Thomas mix)
Willy Baxter – Aiming High
Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On (Russ Chimes mix)
Prins Thomas – Tape (Disko Tek mix)
Lindstrom – Breakfast In Heaven (diskjokke mix)
Mock & Toof – Zomby Disco
Tek Box – Move Your Hips
Phono Jack – Horrorscope
Rex The Dog – Prototype (M.A.N.D.Y. mix)
Wild Rumpus – Musical Blaze-Up (Rug N Tug Bitches mix)
Stevie Wonder – All I Do (U-Tern Disco edit)
Lindstrom – There’s A Drink In My Bed And I Need A Hot Lady
H3lx – Supersmashingbrilliant (Willy Baxter mix)

seedyburnR label launch gig 23/07/2007

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This saturday, seedyburnR officially launches at Big Dish Go with a gig at the Underground in Kennedys at the back of Trinity College Dublin. There’ll be a (brand new) live set from me, a DJ set by H3lx, with support from Signor Pepe Hernandez and The Jackal.

Doors at 10:30pm, €7 admission

Asciinoid Mixtape 01 [June 07] henrik schwarz, gui boratto, gabriel ananda etc 26/06/2007

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A 50min mix I recorded down last sunday afternoon, click the tracklist above to download it

David Holmes – Mosh It
Jaydee – Plastic Dreams
Booka Shade – Vertigo (Henrik Schwarz remix)
Asciinoid – Crazy Drummer
Camille – Ta Douleur (Henrik Schwarz remix)
Chelonis R Jones – Deer In the Headlights (DJ Radioslave remix)
Daniel Mehlhart – Planetarium
DJ T. – Jam Pot (Original mix)
Gui Boratto – Mr. Decay
Menorah – Sueday (Van Lazarus remix)
John Tejeda / Arian Leviste – From Empty Words
Ame – Enoi
Asciinoid – P-Hunk (Mark O’Sullivan remix)
Discemi – Data Sapiens
Audio – Noiser
A2Z – Swimming With Sharks
Gabriel Ananda – Bassmaschinchen (Part 1)
Para One – Midnight Swim (Riton rerub)
Lolon Project – Alvorada

Masterpeace Festival, Yorkshire July 2007 23/04/2007

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Hey, I’m playing at the Masterpeace festival in the Yorkshire Dales at the end of July! Details are down below, below. Let me know if you’re heading along, I can sort out two for the price of one on the tickets front.
Now, off to work I go on a brand spanking new set, got lots of material to prepare, both new tracks and remixes!

Cancelled due to apathy

EDIT: so much for boundless enthusiasm. Owing to a complete lack of ticket sales, this festival got binned.
Oh well, it would have almost definitely been completely submerged by the constant deluge of weather the UK’s been suffering this July.

Lmd64 remix of Def Disko ‘Nimrod’ reviewed! 08/02/2007

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Staying true to the spirit of acid house, LMD64 takes ‘Nimrod’ into noisy, glitchy cut-up land.
3.5 out of 5

Great news! Meine kleine alter-ego, Lmd64, has remixed the highly talented Def Disko’s track ‘Nimrod‘ (nothing to to do with Elgar’s 9th variation, but a cracker of a dancefloor number), the SeedyR release has gotten a well decent review from DJ Mag.
This remix of mine is the one recently played out by Mason for BBC Radio 1 (he of the great big massive and loud track ‘Exceeder‘ fame), so go have a listen/download the full release on Trackitdown.net / DJDownload.com / Audiojelly.com / Juno.co.uk!


About the album 05/02/2007

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I thought I’d post a little brief note about the tracks on the album, and where their inspiration came from, just to show that some thought was put into the tracks, and their names weren’t just picked by randomly throwing magnetic letters at a fridge door.

A homage to the first couple of computers I used to own, the VIC-20 and the Commodore 64, the games and other programs pretty much always came on a tape cassette (them clunky mechanical things that albums used to be sold on, way back in the day), and the text ‘Loading…‘ used to flash onscreen as the tape slowly but surely loaded the contents of the tape into memory. I whiled away many a happy hour pootling about on the old C64, hence the album starts with the sound of a tape being slotted into a deck, the play button being pressed, and a computerised C64-sampled voice intoning “Loading… Loading…” etc.
What? So I’m a nerd, whatevah.

Acid Vd Techno
Neither an acid track or a techno track, this is a surprisingly big track with a huge fat monster grungy bassline that stomps all over the dancefloor, crushing all handbags in its path. The name comes (pretty obviously) from the pleasingly simple sing-along lyrics. Massive. It’s a case of battling vocoder action, with ‘acid’ being a strong contender, but ‘techno’ getting the final word in.

For this track, I got the glitchy samples from a guy in Berkley, SF, who’d uploaded them to a Creative Commons audio sample website, freesound.iua.upf.edu. I called the track Hi-Gloss as a reference to the “speaking in tongues” effect of the cut-up vocal samples, otherwise known as glossolalia, sounds a little like someone with Tourettes on a bad mobile phone connection, and also because it’s a lovely shiny, shimmery track.

Hip Hop Don’t Shop
I’m not a fan of hiphop, or at least it’s current guise of swaggering round with your underpants hanging out wit yo bitchez and ho’s, wit da bling and da gunz, etc.
This track is tongue in cheek, lyrically anyway. A Popbitch mailout supplied the words, they’re the top ten products/brandnames mentioned in all the hiphop tracks released in 2006. Hennessey, Cristal, Chevrolet, how street. I aimed the sound of the track towards the old school funky style of hiphop, myself, keeping it real! Word.

Standing on Talbot St one gorgeous sunny day, I chanced to look up, and saw one of them manned gliders, the kind from The Thomas Crown Affair, all sleek and glinting in the sun. A lovely moment. It flew the whole way up to the Spire along the street (well, a few hundred feet up, to be sure), and I reckoned this track would be ideal for the pilot to be listening to on his (highly expensive and diamanté encrusted, I don’t doubt) walkman.

It’s funky, in a cool, clinical, electrical-outlet kind of way, cold as outer space and slick as a well-greased groove. Call it ‘Pee-Hunk’ or ‘Funk’, either works for me (I generally favour the former). Watch out for a dancefloor re-edit of this track in the near future.

Disco, pure and simple, a big lush bassline and sparkling string flourishes, and piercing synth stabs, one of my favourite tracks on the album, always puts a smile on my face. Camp, yet funky at the same time.

Final Girl
A dark and menacing track with a evil searing and pulsing bassline and a creepy voiceover, growling out a litany of girls’ names. Sounds like an alternative theme tune to the Terminator, crossed with a roll call from an all-girl school, whose headmaster has a penchant for torture and S&M. The names, incidentally enough, are the names of the last surviving girls to, um, survive in a plethora of horror movie slasher flicks across the years, the ones that turned on their tormentors with the nearest available handy meathook.

This is one of the harder techno tracks on the album, with a thundering bassline that keeps getting bigger as the track progresses, with a reversed electric piano sounding vaguely flute-like weaving its way in and around the rock-hard drums. The track feels almost tribal to me, so I gave it the type of name that’s normally found on a Native American panpipes album.

Oscillator Drift
The fastest track on the album (I’m told 138 BPM is the perfect BPM for dance electro music), this has a growling synth drone that gets to a blisteringly nasty snarl by the time the italo-disco style bass kicks in, not a track for quiet coffee mornings. Originally I had the many elements in the track slightly detuned, as was a common and unwanted effect of old analogue synthesizers, but it sounded too off key. The name, however, stuck.

Seven Nation Army
Finally, rounding off the album, it’s an electro/rock cover version of The White Stripes‘ best known tune, probably one of the most covered tracks in recent times, you can’t not but love the bassline. Vocoders ahoy!

So that’s the lot. Geeky, freaky, and sometimes a little cheeky. But mostly geeky.

The Bassline (repeat show) 21/01/2007

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Much to my (pleasant) surprise, the set I’d played for The Bassline on October 15th was re-aired again tonight! Cheers for that, Keith!

Solas, New York 12/01/2007

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Start spreading the news! Yes, you read that right, I’ve played the Big Apple. And it was great! Down in the Lower East Village, where all the funky bars and clubs are, Solas is a lovely little spot. Half Irish(ish) bar on one side, with an adjoining club room, the crowd were pretty much atypical Noo Yawk bods. Had a good two hours to play around with, which made it a looooong night. Started off at midnight until two, with the first hour and twenty being the usual live set, then played out with a DJ set of remixes and that. Not really a dancey-type of crowd, but the place was pretty packed, which was great.
Thanks to Dave in the bar for bringing us over, and to Derek in the club for playing us in, and to both for just being really nice lads.

Trinity Rooms, Limerick 24/11/2006

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This was the Limerick leg of the Spectrum launch, playing once again down in the Green Room in the Trinity Rooms. A fair crowd, unfortunately for Corrugated Tunnel who opened the night, the place takes a while to fill up, so it was pretty quiet at the start of the night. When I came on, again with a full complement of keyboards and the rest, the place started filling up slowly but surely. I’ve really begun to notice that some of the tracks in the set are definitely more girly-orientated (in that the ladies will start shaking booty to them) and some are definitely for the lads (big stompy numbers that they can point to the ceiling and shout encouraging things like ‘yeah!’ and ‘come on’ to). Now, must figure out how to work that the other way round, to have the girls shouting yeah, and the guys shaking booty 🙂
A good night, cheers to the Viva Music lads for the gig!