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about Lmd64

In the mid 80’s, the future artist to be known as Lmd64 began programming bloops and squiggles on his Commodore 64, while dancing around the room to Herb Alpert & purveying on badly scratched vinyl. Piano lessons and guitars took up much of his teenage years, until he could afford to buy a PC and began collecting assorted synths, FX boxes and drum machines. The arrival of a laptop inspired him to take his music out of the bedroom and into pubs and clubs around Dublin for a few years under his Lmd64 guise, purveying his brand of sample-based lounge funk and house.

In mid 2006, he decided take time out from his work as Lmd64 to focus on a different aspect of his sound, bringing into being his alter-ego Asciinoid. He released his debut album ‘Spectrum’ on the SeedyR label in October 2006, which has received radio play around the world, from Belgium to Tijuana. In his live performances to date, he has played alongside James Holden, Gabriel & Dresden, CJ Bolland and Dan Curtin.
Since then, he’s picked up various guitars, a plethora of percussion and assorted odds and ends around the house, and has begun re-recording under Lmd64 once again, retaining the laid-back qualities of his original material. The emphasis this time is directed away from sample-based work, preferring live instruments over synths, though not exclusively. A kind of organic disco being the direction, a more personal sound, warm and approchable. Influenced by Lalo Schifrin, Ennio Morricone, Mudd, Rune Lindbaek, amongst lots and lots of others…



1. Prick - 03/10/2008

Disco stew

2. Ben Jarvis - 04/12/2008

Dear LMD64

Please can you send me your e-mail address as a matter of extreme urgency.

Your website has no contact details and we need to chat urgently regarding your ‘Stylophone’ iPhone app.

Please e-mail me at: ben@dubreq.co.uk



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