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Red Spiders for iPhone! 04/01/2010

Posted by lmd64 in Lmd64.

My second game for the iPhone is now on the iTunes store! Based on an early comic from the truly inspiring and highly recommended xkcd
Screenshot? Screenshot!
Red Spiders is a simple game. A vaguely randomly distributed set of boxes (where Sum(blocksize)< 4.0f && p.y=1.0f*screenSize.height*rand()/RAND_MAX/2+100.0f) appear onscreen, going some way towards preventing the inevitable descent of Red Spiders towards the ground. Your task is as follows:

  • Destroy as many of the Red Spiders as is humanely* possible by tapping them.
  • Become overwhelmed by the ultimate futility of all human achievement in the face of entropy (a tangential effect of playing the game)
  • Lapse into a zen-like catatonic and attempt to achieve nirvana (not currently enabled in this release)

Once finished, you can tweet your highscore, visit the wonderful and highly recommended xkcd.com webcomic, or GOTO 10
* For the purposes of this game, the definition of ‘humanely’ has been extended to include death involving a satisfying blood splat, and a rather less satisfying pop sound.

More details HERE

Get the game HERE



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