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Mancini hated by Jazz Purist shocker! 06/01/2009

Posted by lmd64 in Lmd64, rant.

An interesting article with more than just the usual amount of vituperative ire than you’d expect on the internet for a music review of an easy-listening composer. Unsurprisingly though, it comes from a jazz blog, of the sort which despises the type of popular/populist jazz at which Henry Mancini excelled.


One amusing thing about the article is that the author bitches about how Mancini ‘stole’ his ideas from various other artists of the era. Eh, hello, anyone producing music for TV/film over the past 50 years has always appropriated musical ideas from popular culture, no big surprise there. By its very nature, soundtracks are cobbled together from the popular music of the day (or at least, from the type of music that we generally associate with the subject matter’s era).

Personally, I think Mancini was superb at what he did, composing genre-defining soundtracks that are still to this day recognisable, from Pink Panther’s cat burglar tiptoeing across the piano, to Thornbirds’ Irish tin whistling in the Outback, to, yes, Peter Gunn’s Private Eye sleazy brass section and mean streets guitar.



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