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They had Style, they had grace… 23/10/2008

Posted by lmd64 in iPhone.
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If any iPhone/iTouch owners are about tonight in Spy, tomorrow night in the Button Factory, the Digital Hub on saturday or down at the Synth Eastwood night in Twisted Pepper (née Traffic), if you say hello, I’ll send you a copy of Stylophone for freebies! It’s not officially launched on the iTunes store yet, but if you’re friendly over the weekend, I’ll wing you on a copy!
*Terms & Conditions apply…

* The terms & conditions being, I’ll need your iPhone ID to let me build a copy of the app that you can just drop into iTunes to install on your device , so I’ll be sending you an email with instructions. But it’s really pretty simple anyway…



1. 2BiT - 26/11/2008

Great to hear it’s finished! n before ya put it on the istore…rather improbably a mate of mine _owns_ StyliPhone.com
Interested in putting y’all in touch?

lmd64 - 17/12/2008

Won’t be happening, unfortunately. Got a take-down email from Dubreq, makers of the original and licensors of the official iPhone version, so no go on my billion dollar money-making schemes there…

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