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RjDj just released for iPhone 10/10/2008

Posted by lmd64 in iPhone.

I’ve been waiting on this release for a while, excellent and totally novel idea for an iPhone application.

The idea behind RjDj is kind of like Brian Eno’s application Bloom, except that it doesn’t require you to touch the screen. Instead, it samples ambient sound from the microphone, runs it through Pd-based processes, and sends it back out through your headphones. Sounds basic enough, but it’s far more random and interesting, kind of like an early Warp/Aphex Twin recording, only it constantly changes and morphs, depending on what noisy things are happening around you.

Currently sitting at my desk in work, typing away and listening to the various patches. It’s like sitting inside a piano while brushing against the strings, or inside a busy train station, listening to various sound sussurating around, echoing and repeating over and over. Definitely one of the most interesting app concepts I’ve seen in a long, long time…



1. mistrust - 14/10/2008

Just followed your link from CDM – nice blog, I’ll definitely be following your future posts..

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