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Some Days Never End… 19/09/2008

Posted by lmd64 in electronic music, gig.

Human League! ABC! Heaven 17!

Playing in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham grounds on October 26th, Bank Holiday Sunday. Got my tickets already. The Human League played a great show in Vicar St a couple of years ago, so can’t wait to see them again, plus the latter-day incarnation as offshoot of Heaven 17 is a bonus too. AND New Wave pop-schlock meisters ABC as well? Please, everyone, no loud noises, if this turns out to be a dream, well I for one don’t want to wake up…



1. Paul - 19/09/2008

Heaven 17 are the pop wing of BEF which was formed when Martyn
Ware and Ian Craig Marsh left the original human league in1980 they are not the later day Incarnation that honor belongs to Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Catherall.

2. lmd64 - 20/09/2008

Whoops, yep, you’re totally right there. A splinter as opposed to incarnation, I guess.

3. Prick - 03/10/2008

That gig a few years ago was shite, but I’d be tempted to go again what with ABC & Heaven 17 on the bill

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