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John Waters (the other one) in Vicar St 18/09/2008

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John Waters (not actual size)

John Waters (not actual size)

John Waters was great last night! Witty, urbane, filthy, and quite hilarious! Loved his tips on how to keep your kids in line (eg. if they’re on drugs, pretend you’re on better and harder drugs), amongst other things. I’ve got to get around to watching Pink Flamingoes at some stage.
And yay for me, I got the last and final question in during the Q&A session at the end!
Mind you, I wish I’d asked something interesting about, say, what he thought about the whole sanitising effect of gay-but-sexless shows like Will & Grace in the media, rather than what he thought about big name gay Hollywood actors who stay firmly lodged in the closet. I was thinking directly of Tom Cruise*, John Travolta**, and yer man from Prison Break, Wensleydale Milfer*** or whatever, though Kevin Spacey**** was also name-dropped from the crowd.
Yes, Virginia, I am Perez Hilton.
* Allegedly.
** Also allegedly.
*** Name changed to protect the innocent.
**** Another allegedly, though I’ve seen some rather incriminating photos from the Holy Moly mailout, Kevin, you naughty, naughty man…


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