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iTM iPhone controllers now in the iTunes store! 12/08/2008

Posted by lmd64 in iPhone.

Ok, so, I’ll admit this is probably of minimal interest to most people online, but the iTM applications for the iPhone are now online in the iTunes store, which means I can turn my iPhone into a midi controller, which is nice! MacOSX 10.5 only though, which is not necessarily a problem for me…

iTM Keys, iTM XY Pad, iTM Matrix and iTM MidiLab are the current various incarnations of the applications available:

iTM MidiLab
this is the original app, currently featuring all the user interfaces (chosen at startup)
MidiLab is intended to become our showroom / beta platform
a free app (forever) where new users can test an existing an established ui from one of our available commercial apps and also some new one we may be implementing / testing at that time for new products
we feel it is a new approach regarding iphone apps

iTM Matrix
this is a button matrix implementation,
especially suited for ableton live clip triggering featuring midi feedback (showing wich clips are playing)
it can also be used for triggering samples or any other midi ontrol
currently there is 4*4 or 8*8 config, sending note on off
soon to be implemented,:
user configurable labels, colors, matrix size, midi config(channel, notes) and different pages

iTM Keys
a standard midi keyboad,
ranging: c-2 -> c8 with pitch bend,
soon to be implemented :
swipe play, modulation and cc bend, midi config(channel, program change)

a trackpad sending ccs on the x and y axis for effects control
featuring spring switches (spring to center, spring to zero)
soon to be implemented,:

more details here



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