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Some rather cool stuff what I want… 13/03/2008

Posted by lmd64 in electronic music, Holiday, music gear, software.

I’m not at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, but things like this make me wish that I was…

Korg DS-10

Turn your Nintendo DS into a vintage MS-10
Forget Nanoloop, this looks like the best toy ever to keep me occupied on long-haul trips. Screw the in-flight movie, forget about dragging the laptop from the overhead bin, a pocket-sized MS-10? Me want this so much…
from musicthing, and loads of other blogs…

Celemony Announces Direct Note Access for Melodyne

Edit Individual Notes Inside Chords – OMG!!!!
This could possibly be the best thing ever for tone-deaf guitarists, barbershop quartets that just don’t get on with each other, or singers who warble from major to minor… and back to major again. The possibilities would appear to be unendingly, um, endless. The mind boggles. This, also, I want…
from futuremusic

In other news, heading to Copenhagen on Saturday, Helsinki on Tuesday and taking the overnight ferry to Stockholm on Good Friday. Getting out of Ireland for the only other day in the year that all the pubs close down, apart from Christmas. Way to go, Bórd Fáilte*!

(* Note for Americans and other non-Irish speakers**, Bórd Fáilte is the Irish Tourist Board)
(** i.e. the rest of the world, and a large part of the Irish population as well)



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