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The Birds and the Burning Man 12/12/2007

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This morning, there were birds of all sorts flying everywhere around the house. EVERYWHERE. It felt like the middle of a doom-laden story by Daphne du Maurier. Pigeons, seagulls, magpies, crows, jackdaws, sparrows and starlings (oh my). This has meant, coupled with the fact that we’d had a blackout on the street the night before that knocked out all the lights as far as the eye could see, it feels like I’m living in some kind of cheap and tawdry B-movie


On a cheerier seasonal note, as I was walking home this evening from work, I noticed the market in the IFSC has opened up again, with a great whopping big Helter Skelter surrounded by the market huts. At the time, it looked wonderfully pretty and cute. From a distant vantage point on my N95 camera, it seems more like something Christopher Lee would be forcibly inserting virgins into, dolorously singing out-of-key folk songs all the while and creeping out the neighbours.

Anyway, enough of the Grimm fairy tales, here’s the merry-go-round in the market. Good fun to ride while slightly tanked up on mulled wine.

IFSC Merry-go-round



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