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Electric Picnic ’07 04/09/2007

Posted by lmd64 in electronic music, festival, review.

A brief review of my weekend hereby follows:


Paul Hartnoll Band

Could hear them from the campsite while putting the tent up 😦 really wanted to see them, the new album is mostly great

Manic Street Preachers
FUCK NO!!!! I ran a mile, can’t stand them, they’re muck

Hot Chip

The first band I got to see, great stuff, hadn’t caught them before, and Over and Over had the crowd bouncing like Duracell bunnies, including one gentleman in his forties who was REALLY enjoying the music


Arty, which was to be expected, but she kind of lost the crowd till the last couple of numbers, which she blasted out with. Hunter, Army Of Me and Hyperballad were excellent though.

LCD Soundsystem

Blew the place away, fantastic, they got Daft Punk and Losing My Edge out of the way good and early, and killed everyone with the new album to the end of the set. Finished with Yeah Yeah Yeah, then came back and noodled about with a power-rock italo-disco new wave jam, although I was getting blurry at that stage, dancing my little tits off


Channel One

Again, heard them from a distance waaay off in the campsite in the morning, couldn’t get down there for them, but it sounded like they were going down really well with the crowd, and recognised a load of the numbers they played out too

Marlena Shaw & Orchestra
didn’t hang round long enough to hear her play California Soul, there’s only so much free jazz a body can take

Aidan Kelly
Wandered in for a brief while to catch him chatting about his photography, some good work

Craig Armstrong
Dull, dull, dull, a shame, was really expecting a huge big orchestra on stage with him, come on, he scored “The Two Towers”, FFS!!!

Bonde Do Role
Loud and messy, caught a few songs at the end of their set, fun for all the family, unless you could understand the lyrics, in which case they’re x-rated

These guys were having a lot of fun, mixing the hell out of tracks every 30 seconds or so, good craic

Angus & Julia Stone
I think… I caught some of these guys, from what I can remember they were pretty good… I think

Easy Allstars Radiodread
Pretty good, although not mad gone on reggae, but fun to try and pick out what each song was

Jarvis Cocker
Meh, wasn’t hugely impressed, so fecked off to the Crawdaddy tent instead for an incredible beatboxing performance by Rahzel

Magic Numbers
Much better than old Jarvis Cocker, and the lads really liked their stuff too, not having heard them before

Polyphonic Spree
Missed them as well, on account of Erasure (see below) – sorry I missed their show, but wild horses couldn’t have dragged me from the Electric Arena and the joys of Andy Bell and Vince Clarke


Wow. Un. Be. Lievable. the most energetic performance of the entire fest – that I witnessed anyway – Andy Bell put so much of himself into the show, a voice that lifted the tent off the ground several times. Loved the Day Glo Girls on stage with them too, and Vince Clarke’s sound was classic, pure electro-pop that hasn’t aged a day. Ok, enough simpering and fawning, but still the most enjoyable gig of the weekend

The Jesus and Mary Chain
Oasis-clonetastic, definitely not up to scratch

Chemical Bros
Missed them, was in bed, such a lightweight


Apparat Band
Heard them from outside, sounded for the most part very like M83/Sigur Ros, but still pretty cool in their own right. Didn’t go in, on account of being comfortable on the grass outside, and the fact that the bouncers were frantically re-arranging the barriers outside for some unbeknownst reason to themselves – there weren’t massive crowds thronging outside at all

Rahzel & MC Supernatural
Some genius beatboxing at this by the man Rahzel, it was his LOTR/Gollum bit that dragged us in, pretty bloody good stuff

Sonic Youth
Heard them while munching on a burger and chips, wasn’t a huge fan, and nothing’s really changed there, so many bands have copied their sounds over the years, there’s nothing really original and fresh to them any more

Soul II Soul
Fabulous, musically somewhat similar in a way to Craig Armstrong, but with real strings! More singers, including Karen Wheeler from the original lineup, just great stage presence, and they played the oldies as well as a lot of new goodies too

DJ Yoda
Again with the mixup mashups every 30 sec or so, even the security were dancing and slapping each other’s asses, total party stuff

Bodytonic Sound System
Danced to jazzy house stylings with a torch stuck into a few glass empties, laser glowstick lightsabre fun. Yes, I was pretty merry at that stage

Fujiya & Miyagi

Great, one of the bands I’d been definitely aching to see, didn’t disappoint, downtempo but funky as robots, they’d a full tent too, really enjoyed their set

Sitting in the campsite playing Layla, More Than Words and Never Been To Me on a borrowed guitar at 4 in the morning.
Dancing with an inflatable butterfly girl around a big inflatable flower thing in Body & Soul to some New Orleans ragtime jazz, attempting the Charleston and soulclapping.

Chilling out on several occasions in Body & Soul, particularly when we managed to get the beanbags, wonderfully comfortable after the madness of the previous night.
Le Bien in Body & Soul at night were great, got me dancing
(yet again)!
Running to get out of the rain into the Blue Room tent, which had been previously empty, to have it fill up while dancing to old school On A Ragga Tip and other such numbers.
Pies! Mmmmm, tasty pies.
Paulaner beer, mmm lovelyness!

Mojitos in the Bacardi tent, minty and refreshing and terribly intoxicating.
Being able to find the car with ease, even though we’d parked almost as far as humanly possible from the Yellow campsite.
Them Organic Burger Bar burgers and chips up in the back corner of the main stage area.
Getting that ticket to a mate on the friday night at 1 in the morning, and hearing that he barely surfaced the whole weekend, spending almost the entire time in some random girl’s camper van.
The moments when the sun came out more than made up for the showers every now and then.

* Apologies for the awful picture quality. And the above awful picture too.

Verdict: A great weekend all in all, definitely on the cards for next year.



1. Anonymous - 05/09/2007

“Oasis-clonetastic, definitely not up to scratch”
Whilst the JAMC shouldn’t have been on the main stage (there should have been a swap with the Beasties) it seems pretty ignorant to call them “Oasis-clonetastic”. Do you know who they are (were, hah!)?

Also Apparat band are not very M83 or Sigur Ros like. If they sounded like anyone it was the Notwist, it was never so up as M83 or spaced and orchestrated as Sigur Ros.

What a lovely weekend though eh?

2. Asciinoid - 05/09/2007

Yeah, course I know who they are, they just sounded a bit middle of the road indie guitar pubrock to me (to be fair, i didn’t stick round for more than 5 minutes of their set). Beastie Boys would definitely have made better sense on the main stage though, agreed.

And the Apparat comment was based on one or two tracks I heard that had the whole Wall Of Synth sound that reminded me of a couple of M83 tracks (like Moonchild or a slowed down version of Car Chase Terror), as did another one that had the whole distorted reversed drone guitar/ebow sound that Sigur Ros used in some of their first album, admittedly without the string orchestration and that.

Disclaimer: I’m not very au fait with Notwist, have to say, I should probably check out some of their material.

Cheers though, and definitely a great weekend, still trying to recover from it!

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