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The return of the Vikings 14/08/2007

Posted by lmd64 in dublin, longboat, vikings.

Lock up your womenfolk! Sound the church bells! The big and scary and very, very hairy worshippers of Thor and Odin have arrived in Dublin. Here’s hoping some of them will be coming along to the Furry Glen this weekend, götterdämmerung.
Viking boat!
But unfortunately, little or no Scandanivian disco to accompany them on their voyage up the Liffey. Which would have been pretty cool alright. And few and far between were the carhorns that did sound as they struck sail to strike fear into the hearts of the inhabitants of that rustic, ill-defended settlement known to some as Blackpool*. Although some small children did wave flags and shout ‘Huzzah!’ as they passed on by. Also, the patrol boat nearly blocked my view of the longboat as it went past. “Hey! Excuse me! You’re in my shot!”

I’m kind of betting that at SOME stage over the next few days they’re going to end up in the Norseman in Temple Bar for a photoshot with the Star, or something. Hey, maybe they could take a select few of our women folk, I hereby volunteer Glenda Gilson for the task.

I’d like to think they’ve smuggled in Lindstrom, Prins Thomas, Bjorn Torske and Todd Terje onboard, but the norse invaders actually come from Denmark, so wrong country. Anyway, most of them have played here in very recent times, so why would they return, save for the joys of rape and pillage?

* Dublin = Dubh Linn = Black Pool. Crap joke. I know. Sorry.



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