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Last Saturday @ Big Dish Go 30/07/2007

Posted by lmd64 in asciinoid, electronic music, gig, seedyburnr, wii.

Big Dish Go @ The Underground, Kennedys
Last saturday was a blast. Played from 1 till 2 in the am, all totally new tracks/remixes, bar ‘C.R.T’ which’ll be coming out on seedyburnR later this year. Fantastic crowd, really up for it, particularly having been whipped into a frenzy by the Jackal and Signor Pepe Hernandez just beforehand, and then beaten into submission by H3lx afterwards. And much thanks to the Big Dish Go lads themselves, not least for the spot-on-the-mark poster in eyeball-searing reds and blues, and the incredibly effective lighting for the night, which gave everyone the same weird faux 3D blurred look as the seedyburnR logo and artwork, wooo!
Particular mention go to the lads at the front of the dancefloor who, everytime the Wii controllers came into view, responded by shouting out “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” at the top of their voices. Which in turn, probably caused those with nervous dispositions in the crowd to make a little wee of their own. But sure, no harm done, nothing a little dry cleaning won’t mend.

Really looking forward to the Cork gig on August 24th now, yeah! Rock the gaff!



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