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Album reviewed on Oh Muffin! 09/03/2007

Posted by lmd64 in review.


Asciinoid – Spectrum
Rating: 8/10

First thing comes to mind: shake your body and dance around. Grab some Techno, Acid, Punk and Rock throw it into a blender, take mostly Techno and Acid, with hints of Rock and Punk and you will get what Asciinoid has come up with.

Spectrum sure is exactly what it is, a mash of different electronic styles all on one album. The trick is: how does one combined such different sounds of electronic and rock music to make it work? I sure don’t know, but Liam Dunne (Asciinoid) sure does and I’m sure glad he did. All the tracks are great to dance to, but the track that stands out is his mix of Seven Nation Army. This is a no frills song, and does The White Stripes song electronic justice. Asciinoid’s album should be played anywhere there would be dancing.


Lovely! Cheers guys!



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