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Work not so bad now (a temporary state of affairs) 30/01/2007

Posted by lmd64 in cranky, moany old hole, work.

That bloody project I’ve been losing hair and sleep over is finally sorted. I’ve figured the fucker out and laid it to rest (I hope). The sense of joy and overwhelming relief is palpable, spring it is icumen in, lewdly sing cuckoo, etc.
It is quite a sad state of affairs, however, that such pleasures are gained through such frustrating manners. I mean, in the long scheme of things, who gives a fuck as to whether the report works or not. It’s not saving lives in Africa, or putting a man on the moon again. My net worth as a valuable human life, contributing to the betterment of the planet and mankind, has not been increased.
It’s strange, it’s beautifully sunny outside, I’ve gotten my shit together in work, and yet I still feel vaguely dissatisfied and infinitely cranky.

Crap. I’ve just checked the output again, it’s still fucked. Doom, gloom and further depression shall rain down on me for another week. It’s like the Neverending story, without the happy ending.



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