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frustrated rant begins… 24/01/2007

Posted by lmd64 in cranky, moany old hole, work.

Ok, so I need a new job right now. My current job entails poking around in masses of unintelligble code with the equivalent of a short tree branch, jostling the entrails of a badly designed program until the output vaguely resembles the non-existant spec that we failed to receive from the business departments involved, of whom the original members all present and correct at the time of development have since left the building, taking with them any possiblity of comprehension of what in all that is holy this report is actually supposed to do. The current incumbents have their own ideas as to what the report should do, which, it goes without saying, bears a complete and total lack of resemblance to what it, in reality, does. And of course, they’re hammering on about it as if it was the cure for cancer, obesity and MRSA all rolled into one, and that their very lives and those of their loved ones depended on it being delivered yesterday. All this isn’t helped by the fact that yours truly hasn’t a bogs notion in hell of picking up any understanding of the nitty gritty details what the this company does, mostly on account of the fact that I’d rather be spending time working on music, watching telly or having sex, normal everyday human behaviour, as opposed to attempting to wrap my head around the incomprehensible drunken conga-line of a financial services report.

…frustrated rant ends. Dunno if anyone’s reading this blog (almost definitely not), but I’ll probably delete it once the bloodrage has dissipated.



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