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Tower Records Instore 26/10/2006

Posted by lmd64 in asciinoid, gig.

Playing instore is always a funny proposition, very strange when you’re used to playing in a club. The lights are all on everywhere, some people stop and watch you play for a few minutes before strolling off to pick up the latest Flaming Lips CD or Beatles compilation.

When they do stop to watch you, you feel like a beetle under a microscope, your every move being scrutinised to the utmost degree. When they don’t, they appear utterly indifferent.

Well, it is a record store, of course there’s muzak playing in the shop. But what’s that weird guy doing in the corner, hunched over a laptop and sweating profusely? What a peculiar little man. Oooh, lookee-lookee, there’s a new Evanescence CD, praise Jebus! etc.

Anyway, cheers to Glen for the slot in the shop, muchly appreciated, and thanks to those who came along and said hello (Sarah, Dermot, Eimear, Ciara, Shaun, Karen, etc)
And of course, the album’s now available in Tower Records on Wicklow St!



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