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Official Album launch – Acii Disco @ The Hub 21/10/2006

Posted by lmd64 in asciinoid, gig.

Yowza! What a night! Acii Disco definitely has one of the most up-for-it crowds I’ve ever seen. Fantastic night, marred by a few technical hitches at the start of the night, had left the laptop sitting for a little bit too long before the start of the set. Always a bad move, it was Downtown Glitch Central for a few minutes. Thankfully, Edwin threw on a track on the CDJs while I restarted Live, then I took over once again, stutter-free. Overreliance on technology is a curse at times, maybe I should take up beatboxing.

Played for a good hour and a half, longest set in a while, took the track P-Hunk and twisted it up, down, sideways and every which way, the funked-up, speeded-up version of Hip Hop Don’t Shop rocked the gaff, and ended the set somewhat reluctantly after some prompting from Jonathan, who wanted a go on the decks himself 🙂 Great fun, best gig EVAH…
Oh, and apologies to Ed for getting him to lug the big and heavy CS1x across the city, and then me forgetting to bring along the power supply… whoops! And I didn’t need it in the end, either, rocked the house with just the laptop and the microkorg, oye, what you gonna do?



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