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Inner City @ Fast Eddies, Cork 01/01/2006

Posted by lmd64 in asciinoid, gig.

Fast Eddies, what can I say? One of the best soundsystems to play on in the country, big, room-filling sounds, crisp and clear without being too boomy or harsh in the high-end. And of course all the Cork boys and girls know how to have fun, lepping and hopping about the place like so many randy leprechauns, wizzed up to the gills (I jest). Again, Corrugated Tunnel supported, with a mean electro/techno crossover set (he said he’d keep it downtemp and housey, but it was a great big scary house, full of monster banging beats and evil snarling basslines).
Anyway, we had to do a quick crossover with the ground-loop isolator, only had the one, so there was a brief 30 second hiatus before I got off the ground, giving ample time for Ed to receive his due applause from the dancefloor. I hit the beats and boom! Once again, blown away by the sound, the crowd, the sound of the crowd, a wonderful night, just brilliant. Makes me sad I’m not actually from Cork.
And a big thanks to all who came along, including Miriam wielding her shots of apple schnapps and the rest of the gang too, Mark O’Sullivan home for the weekend, and Drew The Bastard for the gig. You’re the Best-ard, bhoy!



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